Behind The Name ‘Two Pines Creative’

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We moved to New Hampshire with one main purpose: to be closer to nature. In choosing a company name, it needed to emanate adventure and be a reminder of the great outdoors. A story behind the name was key.

John Muir is an incredible nature resource. Known as one of the world’s original adventurers, there are geographic places, a mineral, several plants and even a planet named after him. Admittedly, the planet is just 1 mile in diameter but nonetheless named for him.

John Muir traveled the world searching for big, rare, or unusual trees. Known for being the tallest, biggest and longest living, he came across pine trees many times.

One of the world’s greatest resources

There are pine trees in every direction you look at our house. Coniferous trees are some of the best resources our planet has. From obvious timber products to natural medicines, food and more. If you’re lost in the woods with pine trees around, you have a better chance of survival.

Between Every Two Pines Quote

Behind The Name

Our research led us to John Muir’s quote, “Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world”. With an important figure and story behind the name, Two Pines Creative was born. It indeed culminates everything we love and allows us to tell many stories about trees and more.

Pine trees are strong, versatile and resilient, all things that we hope to be in daily life.

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