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Wedding Film Retreat Overview

Our good friends Sarah and Rick from PenWeddings came to us a few years back with an idea they had to start an educational event for wedding filmmaker industry professionals. They felt it was important to give back to the community what they and other industry leaders had learned over the many years of experience.

They came to us needing the entire package: branding (including a name), graphic design (including logo design), web design, ecommerce, and more.


We began with the name. After many hours of brainstorming and iterating, we landed on Wedding Film Retreat. The name encompasses the experience Sarah and Rick wanted to create plus nods to the industry aspect and education goals.

Logo Design

The logo design for Wedding Film Retreat wanted to allude to weddings and wedding videos without being too “obvious”. The icon is piece of a film strip with a sideways heart in the center instead of the expected play button.
Wedding Film Retreat Logo - Two Pines Creative


The colors lean a bit more feminine but can still be understood by guys. We wanted the colors to be bold, but not take away from the feel of the overall experience.

Wedding Film Retreat Logo - Two Pines Creative

Web Design

The website was a ground-up, from-scratch build. As of this writing, we’re on v2.0 of the site which is a one-page scrolling style site. There is a custom ecommerce registration flow built into the site where users have the ability to choose specific rooms to stay in while attending the event. The site is fully responsive and as a bonus has an autoplay looping film at the top of the homepage.

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