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SP Films Overview

Nora at SP Films is a talented wedding filmmaker. She and her team bring years of experience and expertise to the special day of so many each year.

Updating the website was extremely important to Nora, but like many small business owners who like to do their own web work, it kept falling down the to-do list.

Collaborating with Nora was fantastic–she was open-minded and very trustworthy of our suggestions and recommendations.


Not wanting to change the logo in any way, Nora thought the website redesign would be a good opportunity to change up colors and fonts and look + feel.

The brand is nautical at heart being based on the southern Maine coast, but Nora also is adventurous and wanted nods to that where possible.

The site includes colors that lean toward ocean tones and a subtle, but unique footer separation line that mimics waves. 

Web Design

The website structure overall is very similar to the previous versions. However, the layout and design is meant to flow better and help to usher users through the website in a specific way to finally land on the inquiry contact page.

Nora also wanted to include an autoplay video banner above the fold on the homepage. Normally, we would recommend against this due to the strain it puts on the page’s resources potentially slowing the most important page on the site (homepage) down too much. Using some tricks of the trade and optimizing performance specifically around the autoplay video, it was a great success and adds an elevation to the site. 

Maintenance, Monitoring + Hosting

We actively maintain, monitor and host This includes (but is not limited to), security monitoring, performance monitoring and iteration, SEO monitoring and iteration, critical component updating and debugging, core system updating and more.

The site is hosted with all our other sites on our trusted and managed third-party, powerful virtual private server (VPS) setup. 

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