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Jackson XC Overview

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation–or Jackson XC as most know it–is a fantastic nonprofit organization in Jackson NH focusing on land conservation and of course, winter recreation.

A past executive director hired us to help overhaul the brand to help appeal more to different groups of people, primarily a younger demographic.

The only restriction we had was to not change the logo. The nostalgia and brand recognition would prove to be too much of a shift from the past for the veteran members.


We began by updating the colors to feel much more modern and winter-like. The fonts were updated to sans-serif style to also feel more modernized and easier to read.

Jackson XC - Two Pines Creative

Web Design

The website was overhauled to have a better feel and to shift focus to the most important areas of the organization–primarily the nonprofit aspect.

There also needed to be an ecommerce aspect for users to be able to buy season passes and gift cards online.

Another huge part of the web design was the trail report page. During the winter months when the organization shifts its focus to maintaining many kilometers of groomed trails for recreational cross country nordic skiing. The trail report–and easy access to it–was of utmost importance. 

We should note: although we designed this site, we do not actively maintain it. Keep this in mind when browsing as some layout/design decisions may have been altered since the original launch of the site.

Annual Newsletter

There was a time the annual newsletter was as important as an annual report with larger nonprofit organizations. For the 2017/2018 ski season, we elevated the design considerably from a simple 1-2 page basic newsletter to a 50+ page long form magazine. We included lots of large images, facts and organization happenings in an amazing spread.

Product Design

The executive director asked us to help upgrade the merchandise offerings. We designed, sourced, and managed the purchase of 2 different neck scarves and reusable stainless bottles.

Sign Design

As a part of the new branding an colors, we were commissioned to redesign the primary sign that gets mounted in front of the base lodge during the season. The sign is 8ft x 4ft, double sided, CNC carved out of marine-grade plywood and hand painted.

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