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Film Riot Overview

When Ryan Connolly comes to you and asks to help with a project, you just don’t say no. We love Ryan and all that he does. Film Riot has been around for years and was one of the first YouTube channels servicing the aspiring filmmaker. 

Despite having over 1.5 million subscribers (and growing) on their YouTube Channel, Film Riot had an outdated website. We had known Ryan for years and finally came together to collaborate on an overhaul redesign of

Web Design

Ryan didn’t want to change too much about the structure of his site, but almost everything else had to go. We started from the ground up using Wordpress.

We had to include the following:

  • An index page to introduce all the films Ryan has made
  • Single film pages highlighting the film, behind the scenes photos and videos, credits, and other necessary links
  • A blog
  • A podcast page
  • A team introduction page
  • And finally, a page to watch episodes of the YouTube show

The homepage was an obvious addon to this that just wanted to highlight recent films, podcasts, and blog posts.

It should be noted that, although we don’t have archive footage of the old website, it didn’t have any of these top features. We are very glad we were able to help Ryan and Film Riot into the modern age.

Maintenance, Monitoring + Hosting

We actively maintain, monitor and host This includes (but is not limited to), security monitoring, performance monitoring and iteration, SEO monitoring and iteration, critical component updating and debugging, core system updating and more.

The site is hosted with all our other sites on our trusted and managed third-party, powerful virtual private server (VPS) setup. 

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