Two Pines Customs

Custom T-shirt and apparel printing, laser engraving and cutting, sign making and more.

Two Pines Customs is our custom print and maker shop. We specialize in full-color capable (non-screen based) t-shirt and apparel printing, laser engraving and cutting, sign making, woodworking, and much more.

  • T-Shirt + apparel Printing

    Instead of conventional screen printing, we use a process called direct to garment, or DTG. The DTG printing is very different than screen printing in that we don't need to make screens or limit the number of colors used. This also means no setup or additional color fees. Our print process is very high quality and completely digital. This gives us phenomenal flexibility with the materials we print on and the amount of detail that can be printed.

  • Laser Engraving + Cutting

    We can precision engrave or cut almost any non-metal material using a powerful laser. This includes wood, glass, acrylic, fabric, leather, paper and cardboard. We also have rotary cutting ability for items like wine bottles, glasses, mugs, tumblers and more.

  • Woodworking

    We have a fully-functional woodworking shop where we can make almost anything out of wood. Combined with our other machinery, we can custom make many things out of wood.

  • CNC Carving + Cutting

    Our CNC machine can precision cut and carve many different materials. We often use this method for sign making and instances where the recognizable burnt edge of laser engraving or cutting is not desired.

  • Sign making

    Combining many of the above methods, we can make custom signs to fit your needs.

  • No to low minimums on many products

    When it comes to selling t-shirts and other apparel on our website, we often have no to low minimums on many products. This can greatly benefit you as most other print shops force you into minimum quantities and setup fees. Our easy system and process allows you to customize single items where you get discounts for buying more.

More than your local print shop

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