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Cold River Coffee Co. Overview

In 2018, Cold River Coffee Co. came to us with their idea of locally roasted coffee and needing a brand new logo.

From-scratch logo design is one of favorite things to do because we have the opportunity to create without any other influence looming over our heads.


In this case, Cold River already had a name and a mission. They also had a pretty good idea of how they wanted to feel when customers experienced their brand both visually and by drinking their coffee. 

Many of the branding queues were related to nature. So naturally, that’s what we ran with.

Logo Design

The design we landed on was very badge-style oriented and also recognizable and memorable. With packaging in mind, we wanted these coffee bags to stand out while sitting on the very crowded coffee shelves.

Cold River Coffee Co.
Cold River Coffee Co.


The colors wanted to push towards cool, natural, earthy tones that would imprint well on my different merchandise and packaging surfaces.

Cold River Coffee Co.

Wrap up

Even though you won’t currently see Cold River Coffee Co. on shelves at the moment, they were an amazing team to work with and we were very happy with the outcome.

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