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Stephanie’s Bluebird Foundation

May Kelly’s Cottage Irish bar and restaurant in North Conway NH is not only a local institution, but one of our favorite places to go to for a pint and some real good food. It’s our Cheers where everyone knows our name. When the owners Marie and Patsy asked us to help with their second annual Stephanie’s Bluebird Foundation Christmas fundraising dinner, there’s no way we could refuse.

In December 2017, Marie and Patsy’s daughter, Stephanie, tragically passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. A year later, Stephanie’s love for bluebirds and education spawned the beginning of Stephanie’s Bluebird Foundation in her memory.

The Foundation raises money to provide employees of May Kelly’s Cottage with scholarships for further education.

The primary annual fundraiser has become the private Christmas dinner each December where supporters pay a flat fee to receive a 5-star 3-course meal. In addition, supporters have the option of purchasing raffle tickets to receive prizes generously donated by those close to the family. 

Branding + Sign Design

For the 2nd annual Christmas dinner, Marie and Patsy asked us to help elevate the Foundation’s brand by creating a logo. For us, this wasn’t simply logo design as we also offered to design and make a sign that could be used the evening of the event and then hung in the restaurant for all to see.

The logo design is simple, sophisticated and honors Stephanie’s memory and love for Bluebirds.

The sign is 24 in x 24 in with a handmade frame. The letters are CNC carved into the high-quality plywood backing. The bluebird icon os CNC cut out of MDF and then placed protruding from the sign’s backing.

Laser Engraved Ornaments

As a part of the event’s experience, it was Marie’s wish to provide each person in attendance with some sort of free takeaway as a memory of the evening.

Together, we came up with the idea of custom laser engraved Christmas ornaments that included the logo, event name, and date.

Woodworking + Embroidery

A large part of the evening is always the raffle. This is where folks can purchase tickets for the opportunity to win a series of prizes generously donated for the cause.

We wanted to make something very special. We thought it appropriate to put together a beer and cheese box.

It includes a handmade hand-oiled cheese board, unique custom laser engraved 16oz beer can shaped glasses, custom embroidered napkins, and a variety of our favorite beers, cheeses and meats.

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