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We are passionate about helping you and your business grow and thrive through great design and an awesome website.

Meet Us

We’re Meg and Brian Tetrault: Two Pines Creative.

Both personally and professionally, we’ve been a team for many years. You’re correct in assuming that means we’re a husband and wife team and we love being creative.

We were married amongst the trees in gorgeous Jackson, NH. After realizing our love for nordic skiing and flannel, we moved to North Conway, NH.

We’ve always been interested in and passionate about working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. We wholeheartedly believe that good design paired with a side of excellent user experiences can change businesses.

We’re here to match your drive, go beyond your expectations, care every bit as much as you do and teach you everything we know about pine trees.

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.
– John Muir

This is our favorite quote. Being outdoorsy advernturers ourselves, we find that in nature there is always something to learn. In moving to New Hampshire we were struck by how many interesting attributes the pine tree family has.

Known to be the biggest, tallest and longest living of all trees are just a few.

In fact, did you know that you can also eat many parts of a pine tree? Or that the resin makes things practically waterproof? How about the fact that the needles actually contain more Vitamin C than oranges do?

Not a coniferous fan? That’s okay. We adore working with deciduous lovers, too.

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